The Almighty Sock Bun!

Ever have one of those glorious mornings when you’re waking up slowly and happily? Then, you happen to roll over and look at your alarm clock to see you needed to be up and at ’em twenty minutes ago? You leap out of your bed like the house is on fire and scurry to get ready. You hurriedly pick out your clothes and put on as little makeup as necessary before realizing you have a wad of hair that’s not going to do itself. Sound familiar? Behold…the sock bun!! This fabulous style takes two minutes to complete and makes any outfit look polished and nice. It’s as simple as cutting the toe out of a sock and rolling it like a donut, I like to tease my roots and pull my hair back into a quick and messy ponytail before slipping the “donut” over it. You then fan out the ponytail and cover the entire sock with hair. After getting the sock covered, slip another hair dooey over it to pull it into shape. Tuck in the excess ends and pin them in place. With some hairspray you’re out the door.

Today was one of those wonderful mornings gone wrong for me. I threw on some jeans, a denim button down and some brown boots. With the help of my handy dandy sock bun I looked like I spent hours getting ready when in reality it took at most fifteen minutes to get completely ready, from clothes to makeup to teeth to hair. Add some dainty earrings and you look put together and thought out.

The other fabulous thing about the sock bun (you thought I was done didn’t you?) is that if you do want to spend some time on it, you can slick it all back and look sleek and sophisticated (think Kim Kardashian). I love doing this for nice parties. It’s classic and looks timeless. So next time you’re in a bind try the sock bun! It’s a wonderful thing.