Pamper Nights and Why They Are Indispensable to the College Girl

After a brief hiatus from this blog while I prepared for and adjusted to the college swing of things (hotty toddy ya’ll!) I am back and ready to blog my little heart out, hopefully more regularly! Tonight, while my roommate is out of town and I have the dorm room to myself, I have indulged in what is possibly the most invaluable aspect of relaxation in any girl’s life: the pamper night. I was lucky enough to get a dorm room with a full bathroom. After a less than inspirational day of being up all night nauseated and laying in my messy bed until three I decided it was high time to have a night about myself.

The key benefits of pamper nights are relaxation and rejuvenation. They calm you down and make you feel like you can take on the world when you’re done. I filled up a hot bath and prepped with a face masque. Soaking in the bath fortes lets all the stress just melt off of you. A Biore pore strip is oddly one of my favorite parts of pampering. It’s weirdly satisfying to see all the gunk that was clogging up your pores out and visible. Painting of the nails is a must. Southern ladies aren’t caught dead without their nails done. Even if they aren’t painted, they’re clean and shapely. And even in the dead of winter, you’re likely to find that underneath her riding boots and wool socks, a belle’s toes are perfectly done. This is one of my least favorite things to do myself, but I always feel super dainty when they’re painted. Dirty dancing is currently on, so that and my favorite Ramen noodles will be the perfect ending to this lazier than lazy day.

Coming out of a stressful week with little sleep and the beginnings of a sinus infection, along with the full impact of being 500 miles away from my family hitting me on my birthday when only my mom and aunt and baby sister could make it, this little weekend of “me time” is very much appreciated and needed. The rest of the night will be filled with Christmas shopping list making and Thanksgiving packing list making (2 more weeks to go!) and tomorrow I will take a shower and clean my dorm and do my homework and be fresh and ready for anything! Tonight is perfect.






Vanity Fair and list making: personal happy places



Essie Chinchilly and Elizabeth Arden deep pore cleansing face masque. Found the masque at TJ Maxx. That store has so many good spa options for inexpensive prices! Perfect for poor little college girls.


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