Outfit Inspo: Spring is in the Air

Recently, I scoured the internet for hours (I wish I was exaggerating) for the PERFECT pair of Easter shoes. I decided the Jack Rogers Marbella wedge was the only sandal that would do, but it turns out they aren’t currently being made in the 4 inch glory I needed. After searching and searching and searching I finally found what I firmly believe to have been the last pair in America in my perfect size on clearance at a shoe website based in New York. This was the start of my spring shopping frenzy. It happens every year when the warm spring air rolls in. The feeling of renewal and happiness that comes from spring is my own personal high that I look forward to year after year, and when I’m happy (or sad, or mad, or annoyed….) I shop! Here are a few of my must haves I’ve been searching for the spring! Image These pants are fantastic. I am a tall girl (nearly 6′!) and these are long enough to wear with four inch heels! I wore this for Easter lunch with a J.Crew denim button-down and my Jack Rogers wedges. The fabric is a linen mix and it feels amazing. I’m also obsessed with the color! I see these being a really versatile piece for me this season. They’re available on Banana Republic’s website in this color and navy and they come in tall and short. (Click the picture to buy them)   Image

  So I don’t own this little thing yet, but it’s on my list! This is Lilly Pulitzer’s Hayden beach skirt, and I think it’s to-die-for. I see myself wearing this on the beach over my suit, but also on casual summer days running errands. I love everything to do with lazy beach days and this is what I think of when I see this skirt.  It’s currently in my cart on the Lilly website, I’m just waiting for a little cash to make it’s way into my bank account! Image

I don’t own this bad boy either, but I want it oh so badly! I had a bit of a disaster Easter morning (think: a sobbing me being cut out of my “perfect” Easter dress by my mother in the kitchen because of a broken zipper) and found many of my backup dresses were Grove fabulous, but not so church appropriate. My tallness makes everything look short, and that paired with tightness is just raunchy. One such dress is a simple little lacy number I found at Dillards. I plan to pair it with this cardi that should fall lower than the dress’s hemline  and disguise how form fitting the dress is to make it a little less inappropriate! These are just a few of my Spring wardrobe inspirations, but I know I can’t be the only one who gets a little shopping-happy when the weather warms up! What are your must-haves this Spring?

#swoon. [Instagram Direct]

So I was a little hesitant to hop on board the Instagram Direct train because the whole blending of apps things going on right now makes me a little uncomfortable. You know what I mean, Instagram delving into Snapchat territory, and Twitter becoming more and more like Facebook, and Snapchat adding their “stories” making it more social media-y. I love social media, and technology, and apps, but I love them because they all have their own purpose. use Twitter when I want to see small text pieces, I use Insta when I want to see mainly pictures, I use Snapchat when I want to send ugly pictures to my friends, I use Facebook when I’m desperately bored, I don’t want them to all morph into different versions of each other. But that said, I am TOTALLY sold on the Insta Direct thing.

The concept is pretty simple, it’s like Snapchat meets Twitter DM’s. I thought I wouldn’t like this, but I started to realize it has some serious benefits that Snapchat can’t offer. And I’m hooked.


The Benefits:

  • For one, the pictures aren’t deleted after opening, which is both a blessing a curse. You can go back and look at them forever and ever and ever (or until you delete them off your feed) which is great. For this reason, I think it creates a whole new type of instant, person-to-person photo sharing. No more ugly Snapchat faces. I see this being used in a totally different way for totally different kinds of photos. (Think; inside jokes between your whole group of friends being shared….)
  • Which brings me to my next point: GROUP CHATTING. I am all about this! I love group chats. LOVE.THEM. So this is perfect. It’s just like a group chat in iMessage, but instead it’s pictures, and comments. You don’t actually have to send a picture back to have a conversation, but if you do it goes to everyone! It is glorious.
  • I am also pretty obsessed with the fact that it is just like Insta except only sent to one person. You can take a picture or choose a picture, edit it just the same way, and comment on it the same way. But it’s all private. I adore.

The Faults:

  • All the pictures taken are saved to your camera roll. I don’t know about you, but I hate having my photos all cluttered. This is what the app does. So many selfies to clean out. Ugh.
  • While you can group chat, and all the comments and pictures are not visible together. You can’t send a picture back to the group in the same tab. It has to be a blank slate and the comments have to be started over on the next photo.



So what do you think? Is it swoon worthy? I’m obsessed.