Beauty x 4: Face, Lips, Hair, Bod

Over the past few weeks, I’ve fallen head over heels with some products

Face: Boots Botanics Matifying Day Cream

Boots Botanics

This stuff is just, omg. I went into Target and noticed they had a Boots section and immediately freaked out a little. I knew of Boots from the British beauty bloggers/vloggers I follow and it sounds like a wonderland. I was stoked that Target was carrying some of their brands. When I saw the matifying collection I freaked out just a little more.

Guys, not only does this thing help reduce the appearance of shine (which it does really super well, loves) it is spf 15 and it only costs around 12 dollars! Plus you can order it online, here! It smells just like summer, and it has some kind of natural thing going on. Unclear what. The long and short of it is, I am obsessed. I ran out while here at school and made my mom run to Target to buy me some and mail it to me.Boots Botanics Matifying Day Cream

There’s a whole line of Boots Botanics and within that line is a collection of Matifying products. I have the clay toner and cleansing foam. If you have trouble with oil causing you to have that really unwanted shiny face, I would definitely recommend trying the whole collection. You really won’t be disappointed, and it’s so inexpensive, even if you do end up dissatisfied it’s not a huge investment blown.


Lips: e.l.f.  Lip Exfoliator

elf elf Elf

I suffer from chronic chapped lips (is that a thing?) and let me be the first to say, it is miserable. Again, I found this little gem at Target. It is basically a tube of lipstick with sugar in it, but it is magnificent. When I first got it, I was a little discouraged because I didn’t think it was doing much. I stuck with it and now I can tell a definite difference in my lips.

I exfoliate my smackers right after my shower in the morning, a few times in the middle of the day, and right before I jump in bed at night. I find that it works best if you do it in circular motions, and sometimes you might have to rip off a little piece of skin that won’t completely come off. Right after I’m done I put vaseline on my lips, and then I just stare at them for a while because they are now PERFECT. I can’t handle it.

This stuff really works miracles, it smells amaaaaazing, and the absolute best part? It’s only about three dollars! They aren’t sold online, sadly, but the Target link is here, in case you were curious.


Hair: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-Out Spray

Blowout 1 Another drug store find, this little potion is actually magic in a spray bottle. My hair is pretty fine, but I have a lot of it, making it really heavy and sometimes hard to deal with. A lot of times I would have to tease to make it big (we are in the South honey, the big hair stereotype is totally real), but teasing is SO unhealthy.

I found this bottle at my local Walgreens one day and decided to try it. They only run at about ten dollars a pop so it was worth the try. The mist is so thin that it doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it greasy, but it genuinely does give some GREAT volume. A lot of times, and with the proper dry shampoo, I can make it last two days. So worth ten dollars.


Bod: Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub

Tree Hut 1 Tree Hut 2

Again with the scrubs… I accidentally discovered this at my local Kroger here at school and bought it simply because I have the matching body butter. The first time I used it I fell in love, and now I will definitely buy it again when I run out. It does a great job at making your skin smooth and moisturized, plus it smells amazing! It is definitely a perfect start to the day in your morning shower. Your skin will feel so luxe, especially if you use the matching butter right after you get out of the shower. Trust me on this.




Can we just talk about this lipstick?

Without any effects so you can get an idea  of what the lipstick color truly looks like!

Without any effects so you can get an idea of what the lipstick color truly looks like!

On my recent New York trip for Thanksgiving (post coming soon) I ducked into Saks Fifth Avenue for a few minutes to get out of the cold (and to shop a little, who am I kidding? I certainly wasn’t fooling my mom!). Being a little southern belle in the big rude city I was of course appreciative when, at the Tom Ford makeup counter, a nicely dressed little man took notice of my “simply wonderful” accent and proceeded to totally charm me into finally buying a tube of lipstick.

// Before I continue with this story, a side note: Since going to college I have become increasingly enthralled with wearing lipstick. I used to think they made me look much older than necessary and the dramatic flair freaked me out. Now, however, I tend to wear them all the time- and I have a budding arsenal that continues to grow. //

This lipstick is unlike anything I’ve ever used before. It’s Tom Ford lip color and it is FABULOUS! I got the color Casablanca; it’s a sort darkish mauve reddy color. It seems very dark but gets better when it’s applied. The texture is amazing . It goes on smoothly and feels so light and soft on your lips, and it stays on for ages! The price is a little steep but it is totally worth it. Plus the casing is unbelievable (because let’s face it: that’s half the fun!). It’s black with gold and the most subtle Tom Ford logo on it. The link to it on Sak’s is here!

Pamper Nights and Why They Are Indispensable to the College Girl

After a brief hiatus from this blog while I prepared for and adjusted to the college swing of things (hotty toddy ya’ll!) I am back and ready to blog my little heart out, hopefully more regularly! Tonight, while my roommate is out of town and I have the dorm room to myself, I have indulged in what is possibly the most invaluable aspect of relaxation in any girl’s life: the pamper night. I was lucky enough to get a dorm room with a full bathroom. After a less than inspirational day of being up all night nauseated and laying in my messy bed until three I decided it was high time to have a night about myself.

The key benefits of pamper nights are relaxation and rejuvenation. They calm you down and make you feel like you can take on the world when you’re done. I filled up a hot bath and prepped with a face masque. Soaking in the bath fortes lets all the stress just melt off of you. A Biore pore strip is oddly one of my favorite parts of pampering. It’s weirdly satisfying to see all the gunk that was clogging up your pores out and visible. Painting of the nails is a must. Southern ladies aren’t caught dead without their nails done. Even if they aren’t painted, they’re clean and shapely. And even in the dead of winter, you’re likely to find that underneath her riding boots and wool socks, a belle’s toes are perfectly done. This is one of my least favorite things to do myself, but I always feel super dainty when they’re painted. Dirty dancing is currently on, so that and my favorite Ramen noodles will be the perfect ending to this lazier than lazy day.

Coming out of a stressful week with little sleep and the beginnings of a sinus infection, along with the full impact of being 500 miles away from my family hitting me on my birthday when only my mom and aunt and baby sister could make it, this little weekend of “me time” is very much appreciated and needed. The rest of the night will be filled with Christmas shopping list making and Thanksgiving packing list making (2 more weeks to go!) and tomorrow I will take a shower and clean my dorm and do my homework and be fresh and ready for anything! Tonight is perfect.






Vanity Fair and list making: personal happy places



Essie Chinchilly and Elizabeth Arden deep pore cleansing face masque. Found the masque at TJ Maxx. That store has so many good spa options for inexpensive prices! Perfect for poor little college girls.

The Almighty Sock Bun!

Ever have one of those glorious mornings when you’re waking up slowly and happily? Then, you happen to roll over and look at your alarm clock to see you needed to be up and at ’em twenty minutes ago? You leap out of your bed like the house is on fire and scurry to get ready. You hurriedly pick out your clothes and put on as little makeup as necessary before realizing you have a wad of hair that’s not going to do itself. Sound familiar? Behold…the sock bun!! This fabulous style takes two minutes to complete and makes any outfit look polished and nice. It’s as simple as cutting the toe out of a sock and rolling it like a donut, I like to tease my roots and pull my hair back into a quick and messy ponytail before slipping the “donut” over it. You then fan out the ponytail and cover the entire sock with hair. After getting the sock covered, slip another hair dooey over it to pull it into shape. Tuck in the excess ends and pin them in place. With some hairspray you’re out the door.

Today was one of those wonderful mornings gone wrong for me. I threw on some jeans, a denim button down and some brown boots. With the help of my handy dandy sock bun I looked like I spent hours getting ready when in reality it took at most fifteen minutes to get completely ready, from clothes to makeup to teeth to hair. Add some dainty earrings and you look put together and thought out.

The other fabulous thing about the sock bun (you thought I was done didn’t you?) is that if you do want to spend some time on it, you can slick it all back and look sleek and sophisticated (think Kim Kardashian). I love doing this for nice parties. It’s classic and looks timeless. So next time you’re in a bind try the sock bun! It’s a wonderful thing.


Well, hello.

I’m not sure exactly where I want to go with this post, but I feel as if I really need to put something up to at least make my meek little blog a not-so-empty place. For the benefit of the readers I hope to soon acquire, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m from a tiny little town in South Carolina, where life is, for the most part predictable, but I absolutely adore it!  I have a fabulous little dog of questionable breed ( his mother is definitely a golden retriever/ cocker spaniel mix and we’re pretty sure his daddy is some sort of poodle/bichon) who thinks he runs the house, but is really a sweetheart. He even has my large, 6’7 daddy wrapped around his little paw. I am enamored by just about anything to do with fashion, and love clothes more than almost anything else! My favorite part of every day is deciding what to wear and getting dressed. From the time I could pick out clothes, I had a very strong opinion on what I wanted to wear, and when I first learned how to change by myself to the time I started Kindergarten, I would change multiple times a day. Along with the clothes affair, I love to write, and to read, and to dance. It is my dream to become a fashion journalist, and to work at a women’s/fashion magazine. That’s all you need to hear about me for now, I can’t wait to try this blogging thing out! -AL