Outfit Inspo: Spring is in the Air

Recently, I scoured the internet for hours (I wish I was exaggerating) for the PERFECT pair of Easter shoes. I decided the Jack Rogers Marbella wedge was the only sandal that would do, but it turns out they aren’t currently being made in the 4 inch glory I needed. After searching and searching and searching I finally found what I firmly believe to have been the last pair in America in my perfect size on clearance at a shoe website based in New York. This was the start of my spring shopping frenzy. It happens every year when the warm spring air rolls in. The feeling of renewal and happiness that comes from spring is my own personal high that I look forward to year after year, and when I’m happy (or sad, or mad, or annoyed….) I shop! Here are a few of my must haves I’ve been searching for the spring! Image These pants are fantastic. I am a tall girl (nearly 6′!) and these are long enough to wear with four inch heels! I wore this for Easter lunch with a J.Crew denim button-down and my Jack Rogers wedges. The fabric is a linen mix and it feels amazing. I’m also obsessed with the color! I see these being a really versatile piece for me this season. They’re available on Banana Republic’s website in this color and navy and they come in tall and short. (Click the picture to buy them)   Image

  So I don’t own this little thing yet, but it’s on my list! This is Lilly Pulitzer’s Hayden beach skirt, and I think it’s to-die-for. I see myself wearing this on the beach over my suit, but also on casual summer days running errands. I love everything to do with lazy beach days and this is what I think of when I see this skirt.  It’s currently in my cart on the Lilly website, I’m just waiting for a little cash to make it’s way into my bank account! Image

I don’t own this bad boy either, but I want it oh so badly! I had a bit of a disaster Easter morning (think: a sobbing me being cut out of my “perfect” Easter dress by my mother in the kitchen because of a broken zipper) and found many of my backup dresses were Grove fabulous, but not so church appropriate. My tallness makes everything look short, and that paired with tightness is just raunchy. One such dress is a simple little lacy number I found at Dillards. I plan to pair it with this cardi that should fall lower than the dress’s hemline  and disguise how form fitting the dress is to make it a little less inappropriate! These are just a few of my Spring wardrobe inspirations, but I know I can’t be the only one who gets a little shopping-happy when the weather warms up! What are your must-haves this Spring?

Outfit Inspo: // The 1975 //

Hello all! In a sudden burst of organizational clarity, I’ve outlined and made a whole new plan for my little blog. Hopefully it will be a bit more “together” from now on, with regular posts and updates.

That said, here’s my first little “series”: outfit inspo. Recently, I stumbled across the band The 1975. They are incredible and between listening to their album, watching all their interviews, and searching for all their EP songs (which are not readily available in the US, by the way) I gradually fell in love. Fast forward a few months later, and here I am preparing to see them in concert and trying desperately to decide what to wear.


This is from a lovely Elle interview. Click to read it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The 1975, they are a band from Manchester in the UK comprised of four members: Adam Hann, Ross Macdonald, George Daniel, and their frontman Matty Healy.  They’ve been together for ten years, but only recently gotten a label and released an album. Their “sound” is that they have no sound. Songs range from 80s pop-ish to indie/grunge rock to techno/electric to atmospheric interludes. I am totes obsessed. Everything they do is in black and white, whether it’s music videos, Insta pics, or photoshoots. It’s their lyrics that really get me. Matty Healy is genius, and he wrote these songs when no one was hearing them, so they are so raw and emotional and striking.

The 1975 is pretty edgy for me, a little preppy southern girl who lives in Jacks and J.Crew shorts, so figuring out what to wear to this concert to stand out but also “look the part” has actually been really fun and challenging. I like to be a “situational dresser,” it really makes things interesting, and taking a break from your signature look every now and then is really refreshing.

SO, while I was picturing what I would wear I was thinking high waisted jeans, crop top, converse- things every girl will probably be wearing if we’re being honest…and then I came across this tank top buried in a pile of tacky cheap little things at Forever 21 (a store I do not frequent). This tank top was like finding a needle in a haystack. When I lifted it up out of it’s cluttered little rack it was like the heavens parted and I could hear angels singing. It.is.perfect.  I obviously grabbed it and ran to the register as fast as I could with a wad of cash telling the poor cute little gay at the front to take my money in hysterics (trust, it happened exactly like that) and got the heck out of that messy store as fast as I could. And now I’m left deciding how to style it.

So here we go:


Ignore the horrible quality of the picture. This is the best I could do.

At left is the tank top I found. I have a few different ideas for how to style it. The first is to keep it pretty simple, adding high waisted distressed jean shorts (gotta have those bows: swoon), a flannel, and black Converse high tops.

ImageIt’s pretty shear so I would probably wear a pretty, extremely well-fitting black bra under it. If I’m only going to be this scandalous and wild-child looking once I might as well go all out.

My next option would be to keep it closer to my usual style. I would do it with a blush pair of j.Crew shorts to match the pinkish tones in the tank, a pair of Jack Rogers sandals, and a turban headband. I would go for gold jewelry.Image I think it would be unexpected to pair with the tank but I really see it working. And trust, I have a vision with these things…. usually.

My last option at the moment is to go with something pretty casual and comfy.I’m thinking boyfriend jeans, white Converse, denim chambray shirt, and black bandana tied in the hair. I would do loose waves and understated jewelry.Image I would also tie up the denim shirt.

That’s about that. I am beyond excited to go to this concert, so I want my outfit to be perfect. Let me know in the comments what you think I should go with (if there even are any of you reading this…) and I will definitely post what I end up wearing!

One last thing- here’s some links to my favorite The 1975 stuff! Basically everything you need to knowan awesome recent interview… and their Youtube page, which has new music videos and all their older EP tracks. Hope you love them!

Workin’ Girl

…or I guess, more accurately, unpaid internin’ girl!  I have been working as an intern at a little small town bulletin that is literally the world’s smallest newspaper (someone did a study) going through community news and even writing little stories! I am learning so much, but my favorite part might be getting out of my summer “bumming” zone and being able to get a little creative with my outfits! Today, I wore a navy and white striped Calvin Klein maxi that I found at TJ Maxx (that was actually long enough, therefore completely necessary), a lightweight coral blazer from a local boutique, and my handy-dandy “Jacks” (Jack Rogers, simple southern staple). The sunglasses were a compulsive Old Navy buy. They reminded me of Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s so I had to have them. Props to my little sister for taking time out of her “demanding” read-post-about-One-Direction-on-Tumblr schedule to take my picture!

For my hair, I put a dab of mousse in my still wet post-gym-shower hair and rubbed it in root to tip. I then put it into a tight braid and let it do it's thing. After about twenty minute I got the slightly frizzy, laid back, chic little braid.

For my hair, I put a dab of mousse in my still wet post-gym-shower hair and rubbed it in root to tip. I then put it into a tight braid and let it do it’s thing. After about twenty minute I got the slightly frizzy, laid back, chic little braid.

You can't see it, but in the bottom corner of one lens of my sunnies, there is a teeny tiny heart screwed in! I'm in love with it.

You can’t see it, but in the bottom corner of one lens of my sunnies, there is a teeny tiny heart screwed in! I’m in love with it.

Dress It Up-Dress It Down

Dressed Up

Picture taken by my Mama (we’re going to have to work on photo-taking strategy).

Dressed Up: Takara cape coat, Talbots skirt, Jessica Simpson Boots, Banana Republic shirt, Stella and Dot earrings. This coat is one of my most versatile and favorite peices! It’s my winter wardrobe go-to. I love how I can pair it and make it dressy or casual!

Dressed Down: This is one of my favorite outfits! Arturo Chiang boots and New York and Co. straight legs.

Again, taken by my lovely mother!

Pastels for Spring

Pastels for Spring

Phase Eight lace blouse
£59 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Fergie ballet shoes
$40 – heels.com

Rochas metallic handbag
€970 – colette.fr

Donna Karan leather belt
£98 – theoutnet.com
Thanks to Style.com, I have become aware that pastels are going to be big this Spring! I couldn’t be more excited! Here, I just put together an outfit using some chic little pieces. The tan and creme neutrals allow for the turquoise and pink to be put together without overloading the color palette. The lace tank top adds to the femininity of the look. I love the way the belt layers and the skirt is too adorable!

Well, hello.

I’m not sure exactly where I want to go with this post, but I feel as if I really need to put something up to at least make my meek little blog a not-so-empty place. For the benefit of the readers I hope to soon acquire, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m from a tiny little town in South Carolina, where life is, for the most part predictable, but I absolutely adore it!  I have a fabulous little dog of questionable breed ( his mother is definitely a golden retriever/ cocker spaniel mix and we’re pretty sure his daddy is some sort of poodle/bichon) who thinks he runs the house, but is really a sweetheart. He even has my large, 6’7 daddy wrapped around his little paw. I am enamored by just about anything to do with fashion, and love clothes more than almost anything else! My favorite part of every day is deciding what to wear and getting dressed. From the time I could pick out clothes, I had a very strong opinion on what I wanted to wear, and when I first learned how to change by myself to the time I started Kindergarten, I would change multiple times a day. Along with the clothes affair, I love to write, and to read, and to dance. It is my dream to become a fashion journalist, and to work at a women’s/fashion magazine. That’s all you need to hear about me for now, I can’t wait to try this blogging thing out! -AL