#swoon. [Instagram Direct]

So I was a little hesitant to hop on board the Instagram Direct train because the whole blending of apps things going on right now makes me a little uncomfortable. You know what I mean, Instagram delving into Snapchat territory, and Twitter becoming more and more like Facebook, and Snapchat adding their “stories” making it more social media-y. I love social media, and technology, and apps, but I love them because they all have their own purpose. use Twitter when I want to see small text pieces, I use Insta when I want to see mainly pictures, I use Snapchat when I want to send ugly pictures to my friends, I use Facebook when I’m desperately bored, I don’t want them to all morph into different versions of each other. But that said, I am TOTALLY sold on the Insta Direct thing.

The concept is pretty simple, it’s like Snapchat meets Twitter DM’s. I thought I wouldn’t like this, but I started to realize it has some serious benefits that Snapchat can’t offer. And I’m hooked.


The Benefits:

  • For one, the pictures aren’t deleted after opening, which is both a blessing a curse. You can go back and look at them forever and ever and ever (or until you delete them off your feed) which is great. For this reason, I think it creates a whole new type of instant, person-to-person photo sharing. No more ugly Snapchat faces. I see this being used in a totally different way for totally different kinds of photos. (Think; inside jokes between your whole group of friends being shared….)
  • Which brings me to my next point: GROUP CHATTING. I am all about this! I love group chats. LOVE.THEM. So this is perfect. It’s just like a group chat in iMessage, but instead it’s pictures, and comments. You don’t actually have to send a picture back to have a conversation, but if you do it goes to everyone! It is glorious.
  • I am also pretty obsessed with the fact that it is just like Insta except only sent to one person. You can take a picture or choose a picture, edit it just the same way, and comment on it the same way. But it’s all private. I adore.

The Faults:

  • All the pictures taken are saved to your camera roll. I don’t know about you, but I hate having my photos all cluttered. This is what the app does. So many selfies to clean out. Ugh.
  • While you can group chat, and all the comments and pictures are not visible together. You can’t send a picture back to the group in the same tab. It has to be a blank slate and the comments have to be started over on the next photo.



So what do you think? Is it swoon worthy? I’m obsessed.